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A look at apps developed for Windows Phone 7

There are several apps for Windows Phone 7 being released on the internet, already! I just feel that third party apps are going to be  of  much  interest to the end-users.

Windows Phone Tutorial 7 : Verification

As a part of our Windows Phone tutorial series, today you will learn to build, deploy, and run the application in the Windows Phone Emulator to test that it works as expected. In addition, you set a breakpoint, use the debugger […]

Windows Phone Tutorial 4 : Designing the User Interface

As a part of our Windows Phone tutorial series, now we will learn to create the UI elements for the HelloPhone application. The application is very simple. When completed, the application UI will contain a caption, a text box, and a […]

Windows Phone Tutorial 2: Solution Explorer briefed

As a part of our Windows Phone tutorial, we have seen how to create a Silverlight project for WP7 in Visual Studio 2010 for Windows Phone 7.  In this tutorial we will explain about all the files included in  system […]

Windows PhoneTutorial 1: Creating a Windows Phone Application Project

This tutorial intends to build the classic “Hello World” application and also introduce you to the tools and procedures required to build and test Silverlight, for Windows Phone applications. The Windows Phone Application Platform enables Awesome applications and games , Fast, […]

Features missing in Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 Series is one of the most consistently discussed topics on the web over the past two weeks now!  There are however, a few features or provisions missing and which need to be included in WP7S, in my […]

Guide: Programming Windows Phone 7

Programming Windows Phone 7 is a preview about a  book-to-come, which may interest developers who may be wanting to program apps for the Windows Phone 7 Series. UPDATE 29th Oct 2010: The e-book has now been released and you can […]