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Windows Phone 7 Handsets Comparison Chart

ElecktricForest has published a nice visual chart comparing all of the currently available Windows Phone 7 mobile devices. UPDATE: You can see our more detailed chart here: Windows Phone Handsets Comparison Chart.

Top 10 tech gift ideas for Christmas

Everybody loves gadgets as they makes our living experience better and comfortable and there is nothing better than to gift a tech gadget this Christmas. This year Microsoft, Apple and many other companies released some amazing and spectacular products like […]

Paramount adds Movie Apps to Windows Phone 7

Paramount Digital Entertainment, a division of Paramount Pictures, announced today the availability of a brand new “School of Rock” app in the Windows Phone Marketplace that lets smartphone owners watch the full movie plus menus, bonus features and experiences not […]

My Review: HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device

While on vacation most of this month, I was lucky enough to find an unlocked HTC HD7 in Phone House, on the last day of my stay in Paris. I did not get one in London nor did I expect […]

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Windows Phone Developer Tools Updates Released

Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7 on 11th October and the roll out of devices has already started in a few countries in Asia and Europe; with the US launch just around the corner. Quite recently they have also released […]

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Windows Phone 7 Trivia and Tidbits

There have been several nice reviews about Windows Phone 7 on the internet. But here are some little things, trivia and tidbits you may want to know about Windows Phone 7.