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Skype for Windows Phone app released

Microsoft has released Skype for Windows Phone app and it is now available for download. The Skype app is currently in Beta and the gold version of the app will be available in April 2012. Post updated: Skype for Windows Phone […]

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Win a Nokia Lumia 800 by developing a single Windows Phone 7.5 app

The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia has given birth to a new aggressive marketing strategy pursued by both the giants. This made us see huge impressive ad posters almost everywhere, luring tv commercials, the dead mau5 presentation, a giant-sized Windows Phone […]

Face Mask Windows Phone app, released by Microsoft Research

A few days back, I had covered an excellent Windows Phone app from Microsoft Research called Face Swap. This fun app quickly allowed you swap faces in a photo. Microsoft Research has released yet another fun app called Face Mask. […]


Developing Windows 7.5 Mango Apps, Part 4: if statement

In previous chapters of this series, we started off with very basic things like introduction, first small application and we also learnt some other basic concepts like variables and assigning values to them. In this chapter, things will get a […]

How to create an app for Windows Phone 7 using Appmakr

Windows Phone 7 has become a household name in a short duration of time and has a huge collection of apps in its MarketPlace. App development has  a huge potential in the smart phone industry. Most of us at some point […]

Download Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone

Some days ago Microsoft released a new Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphones. The application is an easy way to control an Xbox console with a Windows phone. It will allow you to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward […]

SkyDrive App for Windows Phone and iPhone launched

Microsoft today announced the release of apps for the Windows Phone and iPhone platform, that will let users interact with SkyDrive very conveniently. The cloud storage service has now decided to provide its Microsoft and non-Microsoft users a different way […]

NextGen Reader: Google Reader app for Windows Phone Mango

NextGen Reader, a Google Reader app for Windows Phone Mango has been updated to v2.2. Inspired by the Windows Phone Outlook application, this Google Reader app for Windows Phone sports a clean and a beautiful design. What’s new in NextGen Reader […]

Free Ringtones for Windows Phone 7

Free Ringtones is a free application for Windows Phone that allows you to identify, download and set free and legal ringtones available on the Internet.  This Windows Phone app gives you access to thousands of tunes and sounds. Laid out in a simple […]