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New security features introduced in Windows 8

Windows 8 is built on the rock-solid foundation of Windows 7, and it features many improvements in performance, security, privacy, and system reliability. Refinements to the kernel improve system responsiveness, security, and performance. Improvements in the driver model and tools […]

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Refresh PC & Reset PC in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces an amazing new feature – something which will prove to be a life-saver at times! How often has it happened that you have faced a situation of a major PC failure and realized that you are now […]

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Ultimate List Of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Make your Windows 8 work better for you, using these keyboard shortcuts. We have seen some of the explorer shortcuts for Windows 8 explorer. Now here is a complete list of global keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8. Windows 8 Keyboard […]

Updated Windows Live SkyDrive site for Windows 8 goes live!

Microsoft has updated its Windows Live SkyDrive website, giving it a much smarter, cleaner look. Not only does it have a new Metro-ish look, but it also lets you preview SkyDrive on Windows 8! See how SkyDrive will work seamlessly […]

New Multi-monitor options introduced in Windows 8

Microsoft has introduced some new options and  features in Windows 8, which will make things easier and flexible for you, if you are using multiple monitors. The new options which have been introduced in Windows 8 now allow you to […]

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Download Windows 8 Developer Preview Build

Right now here at Anaheim,CA , I witnessed one of the riskiest product announcement from Microsoft. Microsoft today, showed a preview of Windows 8 operating system at the Windows Build Conference. Windows 8 is a new breed of operating system from Microsoft […]

Windows 8 Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 explorer will have several new shortcuts. And since this was one of the requests from advanced power users, Microsoft has introduced some new shortcuts in the Windows 8 explorer. While all the existing keyboard shortcuts will continue to […]


Are you ready for Windows 8?

While Windows 8 leaks and rumors have been doing the rounds on the Internet for a while now, what has really set the ball rolling was Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer announcing at a Developers Conference in Japan, that Windows […]

8 reasons why Windows 8 will rock!

I wasn’t much waiting for the  Computex 2011 at Taipei, Taiwan but when Microsoft has something to say, I am all eyes and ears. And they didn’t disappoint me. In fact they left me with an urge to earn as […]

Windows 8 Transformation pack

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7

From last few months Windows 8 has been a hot topic of discussion and there have been many leaks and speculations about it. Although its beta may not be officially available for couple of more months or so, if you […]

Top 8 expected features of Windows 8

Microsoft is on the edge of finalizing the Milestone M2 build of Windows 8 by next month. It is expected that Microsoft will release the next version of Windows in early 2013 with introduction of lots of new features and […]