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UX expert says Windows 8 UI is confusing on a PC

Microsoft may just have released the Windows 8 RTM to TechNet and MSDN subscribers who must be going ga-ga over the final build but not everyone shares the same opinion, notably Raluca Budiu, a User Experience specialist of the Nielsen Norman Group. In an […]

How to Activate Windows 8/10 Enterprise Edition

We have already seen how to activate Windows 8 or upgrade Windows 8 earlier. But Windows 8 Enterprise Edition does not offer an option to enter your serial number during installation. In my case, when you click on “Activate” it tried […]

Microsoft changes behavior of Windows Defender in Windows 8

In Windows 8, Windows Defender is actually Microsoft Security Essentials. Those who have installed Windows 8 may have noticed that Microsoft has rechristened Microsoft Security Essentials as Windows Defender. In its earlier iterations, while the former offered anti-virus protection, the […]

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Download Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Trial Version Free

Microsoft has made available the trial version of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition as a free download for developers and Windows enthusiasts. The download is in the form of ISO images and is available for 32-bit as well as 64-bit platforms. […]

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Microsoft’s marrriage and divorce with ‘Metro’ UI

Microsoft has been in the news off late for readying Windows 8, it latest Windows operating system, for commercial availability. It is now already available for TechNet and MSDN subscribers. In other parts of news, it’s been criticized for its failed attempt […]

What is Folder Merge Conflict in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces a new feature, which was not available in Windows 7 or earlier. This feature gives you an option, whereby you can prevent or allow the “This destination already contains a folder named” warning dialog box from appearing, […]

Notable changes in Windows 8 Release Preview

It has been almost a month since Windows 8 Release Preview was released. Obviously, the current release is considered as being more stable than the previous release i.e. Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Today in this article, we’re going to discuss […]

How to Upgrade Windows 7, Vista or XP to Windows 8 Pro

After much speculation Microsoft, the software giant decided to offer Windows 8 Pro for $39.99. What news may uplift the mood of many Windows loyalists even more, is that not only PCs running Windows 7  will be eligible for this […]

Antimalware apps for Windows 8/10

Microsoft has partnered with several antivirus partners and antimalware app developers to develop high-quality antimalware apps on Windows 8 – some of which are now available for download. Windows Defender is installed as a feature in Windows 8/10 and is […]

Why Windows 8 May Fail !

Yesterday we saw some rather convincing argument about Windows 8, put forth  by my colleague, on why he thinks Windows 8 will succeed. I am however, skeptical about the success of Windows 8 in the near future – and if Windows […]

Why Windows 8 Will Succeed!

Windows 8 is the upcoming operating system from Microsoft –  a much hyped and much awaited version, that intends to change the way people computer. With Windows 8, Microsoft changes the user interface completely and makes it best for operating […]

Download Windows 8 Release Preview Product Guide

How Windows 8 will be a boon to Business, has been explained in this new guide released by Microsoft. Titled simply as the Windows 8 Product Guide for Business, this guide how Windows has been reimagined in its 8th avatar […]

Windows 8 Release Preview : Installation Methods and Screenshots

Microsoft is providing different ways to download & install Windows 8 Release Preview – all this for the users’ convenience. In this article we will see various installation methods Microsoft is providing to install Windows 8 Release Preview. 1. Installing Windows […]