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Remove stubborn Autorun virus with Autorun Deleter

The Autorun.inf malware file is a rather stubborn one to remove. While we may keep our own computer virus-free, there are times that we may connect an infected USB pen drive to our Windows computer. The Autorun.inf file is usually […]

Customize Windows 7 with Ultimate Windows Customizer

Regular readers of The Windows Club, may be familiar with our several Windows freeware releases. The one common thing among them all was that they were all small portable apps which did not require an install. But this one is […]

Tweaker for Windows 8

Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8

The Windows 8 DP has been just released and already tipsand tweaks on Windows 8 have started making the round. Then can an app for Windows 8 be too far behind? Well, here we are with the first tweaking utility […]

Add shadow effect to Windows 7 taskbar with Taskbar Shadow

Taskbar Shadow is yet another small tool released by us, that adds a cool drop shadow effect to the Windows 7 taskbar. What differentiates this tool from some other that are currently available is that Taskbar Shadow is location aware! […]

RightClick ReplaceThis Tool released

We are pleased to release RightClick ReplaceThis, a simple tool that lets you replace files easily in Windows 7 | 8. RightClick ReplaceThis allows you to replace files in Windows 7 | 8 easily. It is also helpful in cases where Windows […]