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cancel meeting in Outlook

How to cancel a meeting in Outlook

While working in the office, we often need to send out meeting requests to our co-workers for various reasons. It may be a one time meeting or a series of meetings. However, sometimes, we might have to cancel those meetings […]

How to remove Bonjour from Windows 10/8/7

iTunes uses Bonjour for various tasks it carries out. For instance, it uses the program for locating ‘Shared Music Libraries’, devices for streaming music to and so forth. Safari, Apple’s own web browser uses the same program for finding devices advertising web […]

Speed Up Windows 8.1 Logon With Group Policy Caching

Windows 8.1 is the major update which Windows 8 received a month back. Windows 8.1, basically yield improvements over various features introduced in Windows 8 but also added some of the technical features. “Group Policy Caching” is one of those […]

Windows Experience Index in Windows 10

Windows Experience Index in Windows 8.1/10

With the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft is offering a lot of new things and has also removed some useful things from Windows. One of the important things some may miss is Windows Experience Index. For those who are not […]

Reset Start Screen To Default In Windows 8

When you install Windows 8, you’ll observe that there are some default Modern UI apps pinned by default to Start Screen. Now if you install any new software or apps they get pinned automatically to taskbar. Also you pin any […]

Make Windows 8.1 Search Charms display Disk Cleanup

The Disk Cleanup Utility in Windows helps you keep your PC free from unnecessary and unused files by freeing up space several times. In Windows 8, to open this utility, you could go to the start screen and type Disk Cleanup […]

Remove the Background of a Picture with Microsoft Word

Strange, but I just learnt about the feature of removing the background of a picture directly, in Microsoft Office and found it worth sharing here with the readers of TWC. This  feature helps remove the background in just a few […]

Fix: Internet Explorer 11 does not open in Modern UI

Recently, some users had run into a problem while installing the preview version of Windows 8.1. They noticed, Internet Explorer 11 Tile was suddenly missing from Start screen after the installation. From then, their every attempt to open the Modern […]

Hard Drive Failure & Recovery

The most basic and fastest storage system in any computer – mobile or desktop – is its internal storage. In computer language, it is termed Hard Disk and comprises of a number of disks – each with its own memory […]