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Microsoft releases Lightning theme pack for Windows 7

Microsoft has released yet another fine theme pack  for Windows 7 which can be downloaded from the Windows 7 Personalisation Gallery. The themepack titled ‘Lightning‘ packs some great visuals! You can almost hear the thunder boom along with the electrifying […]

Best of Bing 4 themepack for Windows 7 released

Once again, after releasing  Bing’s Best – 1, Bing’s Best – 2 and Bing’s Best – 3 themepacks for Windows 7, Microsoft has now released Bing’s Best – 4 themepack for Widows 7 based on some of the best Bing […]

Download Media Center Theme for Windows 7

Windows Media Center lovers – you might want to check out this Media Center theme for Windows 7. The theme when applied will replace select system files to give your Windows 7 a new look.

Longhorn PowerPlus Final theme for Windows 7 released

Theme enthusiasts! You might want to check out the Longhorn PowerPlus theme for Windows 7, especially if you’d like add a bit of color to your Windows 7. This Longhorn PowerPlus theme for Windows 7 has just been updated to […]

Download Sliced Windows 7 Themepack & Wallpaper set

We are pleased to release Sliced Themepack & Wallpaper set for Windows 7. The wallpaper set comprises of 7 beautiful frosted abstract wallpapers which will look on your Windows desktop too. Sliced Windows 7 Themepack & Wallpaper set Various colors […]

Download Visual Studio theme for Windows 7 from MSN Japan

MSN Japan has released a Visual Studio themepack for Windows 7. There are 3 different themepacks  available for download, Garden themepack, Bridge themepack & a Highway themepack. You will see three Download links, all in the Japanese language, each linking […]

New RSS feed based themepack for Windows 7 from Bing

Microsoft has released a new RSS based theme – Bing Dynamic themepack for Windows 7. This theme displays a fresh downloaded wallpaper which is updated automatically. You receive a new photo from Bing every week for three months, with this […]

How to extract wallpapers from Windows 10/8/7 themepack

We have seen how to make a Windows themepack from your bunch of favorite wallpapers. But what if you want to use the wallpapers of any theme pack separately? Extract wallpapers from Windows themepack Well if you are using 7-Zip […]

Download Surreal Territory Theme for Windows 7 from Microsoft

Microsoft has added yet another theme for Windows 7 to its Personalization Gallery viz. the Surreal Territory themepack. The Surreal Territory theme contains six high resolution wallpapers and is worth a check-out! This work of artist Chuck Anderson explores places […]

NASA Hidden Universe Windows 7 themepack from Microsoft

Microsoft has released NASA Hidden Universe themepack for Windows 7. A universe filled with kaleidoscopic colors blazes across your desktop in this theme for Windows 7, revealed by the infrared imaging of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Discover more about Spitzer’s […]

Mac 7 : A cool Mac theme for Windows 7

While there are several fine Apple Mac themes for Windows 7, this is one cool theme, Windows 7 customization & theming enthusiasts may want to check out!