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How to customize Start Menu in Windows 10

The Start Menu is back in Windows 10, and does it look great! Not only is it good to look at, it is now super charged and lets you do a lot more. Let us have a look at some […]

Spencer: Classic Windows XP Start Menu for Windows 10/8

Windows 8 came with a few praises and many complaints, and the chief complaint was the missing Start menu and button. Although Microsoft released Windows 8.1 update on 17 October, bringing back the Start Button, it just takes users to […]

PSMenu: Portable Start Menu for Windows 10/8/7

Thanks to the Portable Start Menu that I have, most of my important tools and applications are always at a glance. Portable Start Menu, as the name explains is a portable freeware which helps you launch applications quickly from the […]

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Display XP style All Programs in Windows 7 Start Menu

If you are still one of those who prefer the All Programs in Start Menu the Windows XP way, where All Programs list used to expands out, instead of the Vista way, where the All Programs appeared in the Start […]

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Start Menu 8: Add Start Menu & Button to Windows 8

Windows 8 might have received rave reviews for its super cool and touch optimized features but one user interface change brought it considerable amount of criticism – Start Screen. It had the classic Windows Start Menu missing! Many loyal Windows […]

StartW8: A free Windows 8 start menu replacement.

Want your start menu back in Windows 8. Well you might not have liked the modern UI or if you simply want both the start menu in your PC. We have already seen several freeware to add start menu to […]

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Do you really need a Start Menu or Button for Windows 8?

When Microsoft first showed that it was no longer using the Start Button and Menu in its newest version of Windows OS – Windows 8, early testers labeled it as a major glitch & one of the most controversial decision ever […]

Freeware to add Start Button & Menu to Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces the Start Screen instead of the traditional Start Menu, which most Windows users have been used too, for years and years! While most have liked the Start Screen, there are some who have not. We will discuss […]

The Case of The Jumping Windows 7 Start Menu

Well, the Windows 7 Start Menu, like all Windows start menu’s is fixed to the left side of the taskbar near the Start Button. Click on the Start Orb and the Start Menu pops up there itself, attached to the […]