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Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 Device Specs

An Apple a day takes billions of dollars away’ is the slogan Samsung has been shouting out lately after losing to Apple in California Patent Court over a patent issue. Amid such circumstances, the company has come up with its […]

Samsung working on next gen Windows Phone – The Galaxy W

The big three giants of Mobile OS industry, Google, Apple and Microsoft (sorry BlackBerry) are working hard to dominate the market and putting everything through to win this never ending war. Apple has recently showed off tidbits of iOS 6 […]

Samsung announces Focus 2 Windows Phone with 4G LTE for $49.99

Samsung has recently announced the availability of another beautiful Windows Phone on AT&T network in US. It’s the upgraded version of Samsung Focus Flash and Samsung Focus S; the phone has been named as Samsung Focus 2 Windows Phone. Samsung […]

Samsung SUR40 Surface Tablet – The Beast Unleashed!

After Microsoft partnered Samsung the product that was introduced was Samsung Sliding Slate, a tablet equipped with Windows 7 Home Premium and powered by the Intel Atom processor. It featured in our top 5 Windows 7 tablets list too. Now, […]

Samsung Series 3 Windows 7 Powered Laptops: Impressions

Samsung with its innovation and research is adding new dimensions to its new product line. Now Samsung laptops aren’t just a bulky box made of plastic but they are state of art devices, fully loaded with quality features, design and […]

Samsung Series 9: Impressions, Tech Specs and Price

Since Apple came up with MacBook Air, there have been constant efforts for producing equally thin and powerful Windows machines. Samsung, with their new Series 9 notebooks, has made serious efforts to reach the mark. This machine is a combination […]

Samsung Focus S Windows Phone: Impression, Specs, Price

Samsung Galaxy SII has received, and is still receiving, a huge response, thanks to its specs and usability of Android. Now imagine its sibling running Windows Phone Mango OS, that’s what they call Samsung Focus S. However, it’s not just a […]

Samsung Series 3 Specs, Impressions and Pricing

Samsung has always been competing in market for better reviews for their gadgets and have succeeded most of the times. Samsung Series 3 notebook is another cowboy in town with its gun loaded. It has many catchy features that are […]

Samsung Focus Flash – Windows Phone 7.5 Mango – Features

Since the air is all about the Windows Phone Mango OS and respective mobile devices, let’s talk a bit about Samsung Focus Flash, the smaller sibling of Samsung Focus S. The latter did flutter many-a-waves at its launch, leaving onlookers […]

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC – a Windows 7 Tablet. What’s Inside?

With the start of the new month Samsung will usher a novel Windows 7 Tablet, tagged as Samsung Series 7 Slate PC. At the IFA Global Consumer Electronics Tradeshow, Samsung introduced their newfangled gadget. This tablet ships with the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. […]