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Fix Windows 10 RDP black screen issue

Fix Windows 10 Remote Desktop Black Screen issues

According to some reports, using RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol on recent versions of Windows 10 results in a black screen. One encounters this issue is when using the Remote Desktop Connection feature on Windows 10. The real causes of […]

Taskbar not visible on remote computer when accessed using RDP

Taskbar not visible in Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Some users have been reporting not being able to see the taskbar when connecting to a computer via RDP. The Remote Desktop Connection feature makes the use of RDP (or Remote Desktop Protocol) for the user to access a remote […]

Windows 10 Remote Desktop in Windows Home

How to use Windows 10 Remote Desktop in Windows Home (RDP)

There are many differences between Windows 10 Home and Professional. The Remote Desktop feature is one of them. Unlike the professional version, if you ever try to use Remote Desktop feature in the home version, you will not be able […]

Your credentials did not work in Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Problems with Remote Desktop connections are common. While attempting to connect to the Remote Desktop network, many users have reported the error – Your credentials did not work, The login attempt failed. If you face this issue, obviously, the first […]

How to enable & use Microsoft Remote Desktop from Mac

Every operating system comes with its own set of quirks and, Windows and Mac are no different. Choosing between the Windows and the Mac is not an easy task and, the choice between the two mostly depends on your usage […]

Remote desktop software for Windows

Free Remote Desktop software for Windows

Remote desktop or screen sharing applications are applications which allow a user to stream its screen over the Internet and get remote support from any other user around the globe. Remote Desktop software are useful for those, who are working on a […]

Remote Desktop Connection Clear History

Remove History entries from Remote Desktop Connection

When you use the Remote Desktop Connection Tool in Windows to make a connection to another computer, the name of the computer to which you connected is added to the Remote Desktop Connection Computer box. This is done to make […]

The logon attempt failed error while connecting Remote Desktop

In the past, we’ve told you the way to enable or disable Remote Desktop connection and troubleshoot it when it disconnects frequently. While using this Remote Desktop feature on Windows 10/8.1, one might encounter a The logon attempt failed error. When you connect […]

Windows Remote Desktop disconnects frequently or automatically

As the name suggests, the Remote Desktop feature in Windows, helps us to access another computer from our computer remotely. This feature plays an important role to solve issues on our system, in case any support representative wants to access […]

How to change the listening port for Remote Desktop in Windows

This article describes how to change the listening port that Remote Desktop listens on. You can use the Remote Desktop feature in Microsoft Windows to connect to your computer from another remote computer. Do note that the Remote Assistance feature […]