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Recover deleted files from OneDrive

How to recover deleted OneDrive files in Windows 10

OneDrive integration in Windows 10 allows you to sync files between Windows PCs and other devices. One highlight of the application is its ability to recover files, if you have deleted them accidentally. This means that the files you may […]

Download Liked Instagram Photos to Dropbox-3

Download Liked Instagram Photos to Dropbox or Google Drive

Being the most popular photo sharing platform mainly for mobile and selfie addicted people, Instagram has several features to browse images from desktop and mobile. However, it doesn’t have any option to download or save images directly to any cloud […]

Cannot save files in OneDrive folder

Cannot save files in OneDrive folder after upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10 is undoubtedly a better operating system as compared to the earlier versions. Users using the earlier Windows versions are still eligible for a free upgrade, however the upgrade doesn’t go smoothly always. Windows 10 installation or upgrade have bought […]

Move or change location of OneDrive folder in Windows 10

OneDrive is free online storage service offered by Microsoft and comes with your Microsoft account. Its deeply integrated into the latest version of Windows 10, where it allows you to save your files and get to them from any PC, […]

How to remove OneDrive icon from Windows 10 File Explorer

The Navigation Pane, also known as the side panel in Windows 10 explorer is occupied by OneDrive folder prominently just below the Quick Access section. This is so because, OneDrive comes bundled with Windows 10 to help users store their […]

How to use OneDrive Selective Sync in Windows 10

Cloud storage is primarily used as means to share files with others or have them transferred from one device to the other. And as the storage space became more affordable, even free in many cases, the service started gaining importance […]

OneDrive troubleshooter

OneDrive Troubleshooter for Windows PC

If you are facing problems while using OneDrive on your Windows 8.1/7 computer, then you should download and use OneDrive troubleshooter. If you cannot connect to OneDrive, cannot sync files and others such issues while using OneDrive, then this post will […]

Steps to secure OneDrive Account

The iCloud breach that happened few days ago, left everyone wondering how safe are their online vaults – the remote storage systems that they have been using to store their photos and documents. Hacking is common, and will always be […]

OneDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox vs iCloud – Comparison

Recently, we read about the launch of OneDrive (earlier called SkyDrive). Let us check how the features of OneDrive stack up against its competitor cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. When you sign up for, you […]


OneDrive Smart Files in Windows & how to Hydrate them

The OneDrive (SkyDrive) team recently announced about the SkyDrive Smart files in Windows 8.1. In this post, we will see more details about these Smart files of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1. Earlier, these were referred to as Placeholder files. Smart […]