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Office 365 Features Available on Various Smartphones & Tablets

Microsoft’s newest version of Office – Office 365 delivers all of the familiar Office applications with reinvented interface and more powerful tools. Its subscription based service that allows keeping full versions of the latest Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher […]

Details and Pricing of Office 2013 & Office 365 announced

The details and pricing on the upcoming version of Office are out. Rather than buying Office 2013 outright, Microsoft prefers users to sign up for their online and new subscription Office model – Office 365 which offers a host of new […]

How to Create and Share an Office Document Directly via SkyDrive

Microsoft’s Cloud storage service SkyDrive allows you to access your files anywhere and share it with anyone. Recently, it was updated and many new features were included and improvements were made, to provide a smooth and a seamless web experience. […]

What is SkyDrive Pro? Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog explains!

Since Microsoft released Office 2013 and made it preview version available for download a couple of days back, the online world apart from  discussing the new Office 2013 Preview, was also abuzz with all kinds of speculations about SkyDrive Pro. As users installed […]

Microsoft unveils Office 15 – Download Customer Preview

Microsoft has announced the customer preview of the latest iteration of its office software – Office 2013 aka Office 15. With this version, Microsoft is moving Office to the cloud. Now saving files to SkyDrive is the default – and […]

Office 365 : Tools, tips, training and tricks for beginners

Microsoft has released Office 365 Welcome Kit that will help you get started with Office 365. It includes everything from draft emails for administrators to send announcing the service to training resources. Microsoft Office 365 brings together the latest in […]

Microsoft Cloud Computing Views

Microsoft’s View On Privacy in Cloud Computing

In this article I will try and explain Microsoft’s view on cloud computing and privacy – where Microsoft feels that governments across the world should come together to create a uniform policy. Microsoft stands as a premier cloud service provider […]

Download Office 365 Free eBook from Microsoft

Microsoft is offering Katherine Murray’s book on Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, as a free eBook which you can download. This 300+ page ebook shows you how you can use Office 365 to get more done, collaborate […]

How to setup your Blog in Office 365

Blogs have become a major source of information for many of us. Good quality blogs always attract people. Technology blogs are the most popular one’s and there are thousands or even lacs of bloggers around the world. For a company be […]


Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365 – A comparison

With both Office 365 and Google Apps now being available, it is natural that users would want to compare the features of both before taking a decision which one is best suitable for their needs. Office 365 is Microsoft’s Office […]

How to add a new user using Admin account in Office 365

If you start using Office 365 Cloud Business productivity solution plans, you need to set up accounts for your team members as well. As you are the admin, only you have privileges to do so. You’ll need to create user names and […]

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Infographic: Guide to Microsoft Office 365

Infographics appear to be the flavor of the season. Here is one by CloudHyperMarket, which illustrates the features of Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest cloud offering for business, which comes with a lot of features and functionality. […]

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Microsoft Office 365 released – Pricing, Video, Links

June 28 2011 witnessed Microsoft Office 365 remove the ‘Beta’ tag from its name and step foot into the business domain with a basketful of advantages and cost-saving options. The bottom line is that Microsoft Office 365 allows you to […]

office 365 security

White Paper: Security in Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has released a white paper Security in Office 365. This whitepaper provides an overview of the security practices and technology that support enterprise-grade security in Microsoft Office 365 for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft Office 365 security When allowing […]

Microsoft Office 365 Jump Start Video series for IT Pros

The newly released Microsoft Office 365 video series provides an overview and  perspective of the overall value Office 365 services and how it can serve modern organizations in terms of productivity, access, familiarity, security, control and reliability. Office 365 is […]