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Is the traditional PC really being killed off?

Yesterday, I read an article claiming Apple is killing off the traditional desktop and after reading the article and the comments that followed, I decided I would throw in my two cents.   The title of the article was, Apple […]

How to get an Internship at Microsoft

We have posted on how you could apply to Microsoft for a scholarship to help fund your studies. If you are looking for an internship at Microsoft, then this post will definitely interest you. Microsoft accepts interns and offers Technical, […]

How to become a Beta Tester at Microsoft

Being a contributor beta tester at Microsoft opens many new doors for a tech guy. It will enhance your skills, gives you the early access to new products and sharpen your skills about using latest technologies. As a beta tester […]

Where are Microsoft’s first 11 employees now?

Microsoft employees beam and pose beside it. Visitors at the Microsoft Campus can also stand in a line to get a smiling snap beside it; what is it? It’s a company portrait of Microsoft – taken just before the then-startup […]

Top 5 Best Buy Deals on Microsoft Store for Indian Buyers

Microsoft is offering some attractive deals available in form of winsome offers to allow their elite Indian customers to grab authenticated Microsoft products at the best possible cheap rates. After careful study at their Microsoft Online Store I found these […]

Will the Nokia-Microsoft soup be sweet or sour?

Ouch! That hurts. At least to me, having been a Nokia loyalist for the 7th year running. There was a time when all we used to hear about mobile phones was model numbers like 1100, 3310, 2300 et al. Nokia […]

Infographic: How Microsoft Product Groups collaborate

Microsoft has released a rather informative Infographic on how some of its product groups collaborate in some of the key technology areas. From Research to Development, this Infographic gives a glimpse at the transfer of ideas and research that happens […]

What is Microsoft codename Atlanta?

Database administrators (DBAs) have to spend a great deal of time and effort dealing with problems related to misconfiguration of Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft codename Atlanta, a secure configuration assessment service that can reduce troubleshooting time and effort for IT […]

Nokia and Microsoft alliance all set to rule the mobile market

Microsoft and Nokia deal has recently been the subject of excited debate uproar. And finally a few days back, in an official press release announcement the dust settled and Microsoft and Nokia, announced their two years alliance to deliver a […]