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How to become a Microsoft Partner

Anyone interested in becoming a Microsoft Partner should find this posting of some use. It’s a great tag individual company owners can add to their small-to-mid-sized organization that market solutions based on Microsoft platforms. Well, what or who exactly is […]

Tips on how to become a Microsoft MVP or MCC

Want to become a Microsoft MVP? The Microsoft MVP Award Program recognizes outstanding members of technical communities based on contributions – related to Microsoft software, services, and products – made during the previous 12 months to offline and online technical […]

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12 Microsoft Moments For The Year 2012

The year 2012 is just going to end and it has been a successful year for Microsoft. If we look back, Microsoft in 2012, introduced a whole new way of Windows; that is Windows 8. They also introduced many interesting […]

Download Expression Design, Expression Web & Expression Encoder FREE

Microsoft will shut down the Expression brand of commercial software. Expression Studio, Expression Studio Ultimate, Expression Studio Web, Expression Design, Expression Design Web, Expression Encoder, Expression Blend, etc. Some Expression software were available for download free, but some more are […]

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How Microsoft performed in 2011-12: Naked Facts

Earlier today, Microsoft hosted the Shareholder Meeting in Seattle, where a few interesting stats and figures were revealed by Steve Ballmer, CEO – Microsoft. A few of them are worth repeating below: The previous fiscal year (July 1 2011-June 30 […]

Some Feedback For SkyDrive, Office 2013 & Windows 8

No doubt the recent changes from Microsoft in different areas (of computing) have been laudable. There have been welcome improvements on many fronts of software and services such as SkyDrive, Office 365, Microsoft Office, Windows and its components, operating systems and […]

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Microsoft’s marrriage and divorce with ‘Metro’ UI

Microsoft has been in the news off late for readying Windows 8, it latest Windows operating system, for commercial availability. It is now already available for TechNet and MSDN subscribers. In other parts of news, it’s been criticized for its failed attempt […]

Windows PC vs Mac Comparision : Which one should you buy

There has been a never-ending debate on whether the Mac is more favorable than the Windows PC, and this continues till date without a clear winner. There are a few areas where MacBooks excel in and there are areas where […]

Microsoft Volume Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) Guide

Microsoft has released a document explaining the basics of licensing  and why Microsoft uses different models for licensing its products. This Microsoft Product Use Rights Guide, details use rights for specific products, as well as rights that apply to all […]

Microsoft triggers Android rage on Twitter

Innovative it may seem as Microsoft decided to gift 5 Windows Phone devices to folks who come up with unique (maybe funny) experiences regarding the malware on their Android phone. Ben Rudolph, Windows Phone evangelist from Microsoft, popularly known as […]

Internet Explorer 9 wishes you Happy Holidays with freebies and more

The Internet Explorer team has launched a campaign to promote the usage of Internet Explorer 9. The Internet EXplorer 9 holiday promotional campaign offers free music/movies   and discounts for various services like Slacker Premium Radio, Hulu Plus, Fandango, Live Nation […]

Is the traditional PC really being killed off?

Yesterday, I read an article claiming Apple is killing off the traditional desktop and after reading the article and the comments that followed, I decided I would throw in my two cents.   The title of the article was, Apple […]