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Windows Phone is dead! What is next for Windows 10 Mobile users?

Despite a series of acquisitions (Nokia) and tie-ups (Samsung), Windows Phones weren’t as profitable for Microsoft as planned, and thus the company stopped manufacturing and focusing on them. The major cause for its failure can be attributed to the lack […]


The risks of staying with Windows XP after End Of Life

The Windows operating system commands 90% and the 11 year old Windows XP holds a chunk of it. StatCounter says Windows XP market share is around 19% whereas NetApplication says it is around 29%. Both have their own methodology of […]

What you want to know about Windows RT, including Support Lifecycle

Windows RT – Microsoft’s latest tablet hardware which stands for Windows “Runtime’ is a special version of the Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 8. It has been designed to run specifically on mobile devices, running on CPUs designed around an architecture […]

Windows 8 Product Lifecycle Support Policy Revealed

Microsoft has announced its Product Lifecycle Support Policy for Windows 8. Microsoft offers two kinds of supports to the Windows operating systems – the mainstream support, where it releases security as well as performance or maintenance updates and offers general […]

Microsoft extends Windows 7 consumer support till 2020

Just earlier today, we read that Microsoft decided to offer extended support for its Windows Vista operating system till April 2017. Now there is great news for Windows 7 consumers too! Microsoft has announced that it will offer extended support […]