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Infographic: How Microsoft Product Groups collaborate

Microsoft has released a rather informative Infographic on how some of its product groups collaborate in some of the key technology areas. From Research to Development, this Infographic gives a glimpse at the transfer of ideas and research that happens […]

Infographic and video: Facebook scams

BitDefender today released a detailed infographic which revealed the dynamics of the Facebook scam landscape. Based on the statistics provided by Bitdefender safego, a free Bitdefender tool, discussed here, the infographic details the types of messages used as baits in […]

Infographics: Why you shouldnt buy a Mac!

No discussion generates so much heat as this topic! Check out this Infographic on why you should not buy a Mac.  The Infographic from has a look at the Configure your Mac Pro page from Apple’s website to present […]

Infographic: How to move a website and not break SEO

There are situations where you may have to move a website from one domain to another, or from one subfolder to another. Chris Moore at Microsoft has created a nice Infographic on how to move your website or blog, without […]

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Interactive Infographic – Facebook Usage Worldwide

Facebook membership has crossed 500 million! If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous one on this planet. So where are these Facebook users coming from? Where in the world is Facebook used most? This interactive […]

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Microsoft in Africa : Timeline

Microsoft first opened its office in South Africa in 1992. Since then its been quite an eventful journey for Microsoft in Africa.