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Customized Internet Explorer version for kids launched

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2012, Microsoft and COEP today released a customized version of Internet Explorer browser, to help protect and keep kids safe online. This is not the first time that such a browser was launched. […]

Internet Explorer 9 is now available in 93 languages

Microsoft has released language support for Internet Explorer 9 for 53 additional languages. This makes Internet Explorer 9 now available in a total of 93 languages, making it now available in more local languages than any other browser on Windows.

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9: Download, Features, Screenshots

Microsoft has made available for download Internet Explorer Administration Kit 9. Internet Explorer Administration Kit or the IEAK allows you to customize Internet Explorer according to organizations custom needs.  With use of this administration kit for ICP’s (Internet Content Providers), […]

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Guide: Group Policy Settings for Internet Explorer 9

There are over 1500 Group Policies for managing Windows Internet Explorer 9. Configuring these for the first time may seem like a daunting task. Group Policies can be set in either Machine or User scope. Machine policy takes precedence over […]

Download Internet Explorer 9 optimized for Bing and MSN together

Microsoft has a lot of Internet Explorer editions optimized for various end-users. You have an Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Google, for Bing, for XBOX, for Students, TV junkies, Travel Enthusiasts and Bing & MSN together too. Microsoft now also has […]

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Internet Explorer 9 crosses 2 million downloads in 2 days

Microsoft launched the latest version of Internet Explorer,  that is 9 Beta on 15th September, and within a couple of days of its launch it’s already started  creating a lot of buzz around the web as well as getting into […]

Tips, Tricks & Tweaks for Internet Explorer

Here are some Internet Explorer Tips, Tricks, Tweaks and Registry fixes which work with Internet Explorer. These tips will help you customize your Internet Explorer. To keep the Menu Bar always visible Currently to view the Menu Bar, a user […]

Troubleshoot: Internet Explorer 9 installation issues

If you are experiencing any kind of installation issues with Internet Explorer 9, I suggest you to read the release notes for Internet Explorer 9 Beta released by Microsoft which provides all information about the resources and pre-requisites required for […]