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Tweak Internet Explorer 9 with IE 9 Tweaker Plus

Our IE9 Tweaker v 1.0 allowed you to tweak a few settings in IE9 RC. Our Home Page Maker allows you you to customize your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Opera browser home page. Now combining the best tweaks of […]

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Guide: Group Policy Settings for Internet Explorer 9

There are over 1500 Group Policies for managing Windows Internet Explorer 9. Configuring these for the first time may seem like a daunting task. Group Policies can be set in either Machine or User scope. Machine policy takes precedence over […]

Download Internet Explorer 9 optimized for Bing and MSN together

Microsoft has a lot of Internet Explorer editions optimized for various end-users. You have an Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Google, for Bing, for XBOX, for Students, TV junkies, Travel Enthusiasts and Bing & MSN together too. Microsoft now also has […]

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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has introduced some new keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer. Here is a list of some of the most useful IE keyboard shortcuts. While some may be new, some were available in earlier versions. These keyboard shortcuts are designed to […]

Microsoft’s ‘Tracking Protection’ standard for IE9 accepted by W3C

In Internet Explorer 9 RC version, Microsoft introduced its new protection function – Tracking Protection. To further protect user privacy, users can easily block specific or multiple sites to track their online activities. W3C has accepted Microsoft’s submission of multiple […]

Difference between IE Tracking Protection and InPrivate Filtering

With the release of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Tracking Protection. With so many users used to using the InPrivate Filtering and Browsing Mode, users are now a bit confused asking if Tracking Protection replaces […]