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Are you a Piler, Filer or Deleter? Asks Microsoft!

Microsoft has launched a new website called What’s your Inbox like. The aim is simple. It asks you what your Inbox is like – is it a happy mess, sorted & ordered or lean & light. So have a look […]

Outlook Login: How to securely sign in to

Your email account contains a lot of important mail, personal data, sensitive business information, etc. It is therefore imperative that you do not take your (earlier Hotmail) Sign In process casually. First of all, use a strong password. Do […]

How did Microsoft make Hotmail faster than ever!?

Speed is of the essence in today’s life! And more so, on the web! It is one such factor which every tech or non-tech user wants. With the Internet broadband speeds shooting up it is the time that companies are […]

How to recover deleted emails from Windows Live Hotmail

Recently many new features were added to Windows Live Hotmail. I thought, out of those, the feature of recovering deleted emails from Inbox might interest a lot of people, as many times we accidently delete Emails. So here are some […]

How to use Facebook chat in Windows Live Hotmail

A week or so back, Microsoft officially integrated the option of chatting with Facebook buddies right in to your Hotmail account. To use this service you need to authorize and connect your Facebook account with your Live mail account.

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Hotmail users complain of vanishing e-mail

Hundred’s of Hotmail users are complaining that their e-mails have been deleted. Many have complained that after logging in, they found that several or all of their personal photos and other valuable data had gone missing.