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How to create a new email alias

Microsoft has just launched – a completely re-imagined personal mail service. If you have already upgraded your existing Hotmail account to it – or registered at for a new account, you may be happy to know that you can […]

Windows Live and Hotmail to get a brand new Metro look

Looks like Hotmail is all set to get a major revamp. Microsoft appears to be planning to not only rebrand Windows Live ID to Microsoft Account, but also give Hotmail a clean new minimalistic Metro UI. LiveSide was able to […]

Hotmail’s war on Graymail – Filters out over 100 million email

We have already seen Hotmail’s new features to fight graymail introduced a couple of months back. We have also seen how Microsoft has been improving its filtering technology, with great success in fighting Graymail.  The Sweep and Schedule Cleanup tools, my favorite one’s are best way to […]

Attachments Suck! Use SkyDrive instead, says Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a new website ‘Attachments Suck’ to bring about the awareness, that it makes a lot more sense to use SkyDrive, instead of attaching files to your mail, the traditional way. Many of us may have faced situations […]

Hotmail app for Kindle Fire released

Microsoft is making sure that its Hotmail users can access Hotmail from any device and also get a rich experience in the process. That’s why they are releasing apps for various device platforms, and they will continue to invest in it […]

Stay Organized with Hotmail’s Sweep and Schedule Cleanup features

In our last post, we saw how Hotmail improves Newsletter filtering and how it reduced Spam drastically, and how it also trained its SmartScreen technology to identify a specific kind of Graymail. Now although it categorizes such Graymail under various headings like […]

Hotmail gets a new Storage System – making it still faster!

Hotmail receives billions of email messages each day and these have to be stored safely and has to be made readily available efficiently. Hotmail’s cloud based storage system supports over one billion mailboxes and hundreds of petabytes of data (one […]

How to export and import Calendars in Windows Live Hotmail

In this article we will see how to export Calendars in Windows Live Hotmail which can be later imported as required in other applications. I will also touch upon how to subscribe to, or import calendars. Sign-in to Hotmail Calendar […]

Outlook Login: How to securely sign in to

Your email account contains a lot of important mail, personal data, sensitive business information, etc. It is therefore imperative that you do not take your (earlier Hotmail) Sign In process casually. First of all, use a strong password. Do […]

How to recover deleted emails from Windows Live Hotmail

Recently many new features were added to Windows Live Hotmail. I thought, out of those, the feature of recovering deleted emails from Inbox might interest a lot of people, as many times we accidently delete Emails. So here are some […]