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Google Plus Login, Sign Up and Sign In Security Tips

Google Plus is one of the most widely used social networking websites today, what with Google trying to push it by integrating it with most other Google services.  In this post, we will talk about Google Plus Sign Up, Login, […]

Google Plus Privacy and Security Settings

Google Plus, the social networking platform launched back in 2011 has now become the No. 2 social network worldwide. After some major ups and downs, Google+ is now one of the best social networking platforms to make social circles, share […]

Google +1 extension for Chrome released

Google has released a Google +1 button extension for Chrome browser. Installing this extension on your Chrome will now let you +1 any webpage on the Internet, irrespective of whether the webpage displays the Google +1 button or not. You […]

Get the new faster Google +1 Button for your website

Google has announced that that it has made change that will make the Google +1 Button load 3 times faster on your website. You may have noticed that the Google +1 button used to a while to load; but not […]

How To Create A Google Plus Vanity URL

Since its limited launch a few weeks ago, Google Plus has turned out to be pretty popular. It has already passed the 10 million user base and that number is increasing rapidly. UPDATE: Google Plus now allows you to create […]