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Temporary Internet Files Folder location

Temporary Internet Files Folder location in Windows 7/8/10

Those who had moved from Windows XP to Windows Vista were puzzled as to where the Temporary Internet Files were located in this operating system. Where is the Temporary Internet Files Folder located Starting with Windows Vista, and continuing in Windows […]

What is Folder Merge Conflict in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces a new feature, which was not available in Windows 7 or earlier. This feature gives you an option, whereby you can prevent or allow the “This destination already contains a folder named” warning dialog box from appearing, […]

WinFolder Lock Pro: Lock and protect folders in Windows 8

We have already seen several free file encryption or folder locking software earlier. If you looking for one with a cool minimalistic Metro look for your Windows 8, you might want to check out WinFolder Lock Pro. WinFolder Lock Pro […]

Automate sorting of Files and Folders With DropIt

It’s all hard work when you try organizing your files and folders, by manually searching them and moving to specified destination. Very few viable options exist that execute the task as required. So if you want to get out of […]

Windows Temporary Files – Everything you want to know

We have already seen the nature of some temporary files like Temporary Internet Files, Index.dat file, Cookies and Prefetch Files. In this article we shall have a look at a few aspects of the Windows Temporary Files, which your computer creates, during the […]

5 File and Folder Synchronization Freeware for Windows 10/8/7

If you need to keep an identical set of files and folders on two different computers or on different disks or in different locations, file and folder synchronization utilities will help you do so easily. They will keep an identical set of […]

How to change default download directory in Internet Explorer

When using Intermet Explorer, by default, all your downloads are saved in the C:\Users\Username\Downloads folder. But if you want to change the download folder, you can do so as follows. Change default download directory in Internet Explorer Open Internet Explorer […]