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Pick and Save Multiple Images from a Website with ImagePicker

Downloading multiple images from a web page can be a bothering task especially when you  have to save them separately and individually. Image Picker, a Firefox extension aims to make this process much simpler and easy-going. It picks multiple images […]

Download Back to School, Firefox Campus Edition for Students

Some of you may not be aware that Firefox offers a special edition of its Firefox browser for students. Dubbed as the Back to School edition, this edition comes pre-loaded with some useful add-ons for students. These add-ons are meant […]

How To Setup Firefox Permission Manager For Websites

One important addition to Firefox has been inclusion of a Permission Manager for Firefox. The Permission Manager of Mozilla Firefox will allow users to define the users own settings for the websites. For example, a user can set whether a […]

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Why is Firefox releasing a new version every 6 weeks?

June 21 2011 saw the release of Firefox 5, almost three months after its earlier version Firefox 4 was released. By the time users got acquainted with the usage of Firefox 4, Mozilla sent them a new release version in […]

Mozilla’s new demo website for Firefox 4 : Web-O-Wonder

Mozilla has launched a new website for demo’ing the capabilities of its new offering Fireox 4. Web-O-Wonder or actually Web-Open-Wonder with the characters ‘pen’ written in small size, which you may almost miss, lets you experience HTML5, Design, Video, WebGL […]

Mac’ify your Firefox Browser

All those Apple theme fans out there,  if you are fond of seeing that gray shaded window with blue Scroll bar and status bars and the overall “Mac Experience” on your Firefox browser, I’ve just stumbled onto a great theme […]

Firefox Persona to dress up your Firefox browser

First … for those of you who don’t know what a Firefox Persona is, it’s a special kind of Firefox theme which changes the look of the browser without affecting its functional buttons, menus, toolbars etc. It helps you dress […]

Firefox gets the Paste & Go feature

The latest nightly build of Firefox 4 gets an option of “Paste and Go“, like some other browsers such as Google Chrome, Maxthon and Opera have.  All these days there was an extension which added this feature, but now its […]

Speed up Firefox with Firefox Booster

Has your Mozilla Firefox browser started feeling slow and sluggish? You might then want to check out Firefox Booster. Firefox Booster is a small and simple application that will accelerate your Mozilla Firefox browser. It is also pretty easy to use. […]