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Infographic and video: Facebook scams

BitDefender today released a detailed infographic which revealed the dynamics of the Facebook scam landscape. Based on the statistics provided by Bitdefender safego, a free Bitdefender tool, discussed here, the infographic details the types of messages used as baits in […]

Beware of List Your Stalkers, a new rogue Facebook app!

Facebook still continues to attract large numbers of fraudsters. Although the threat of Trojans and other Malware is still active, many specially developed applications are used to convert a user’s private Facebook data into money. My Facebook page was visited […]

The Longest Facebook Wall in the World!

A new Facebook app has just been launched! So whats special? This app promises to be the longest Facebook Wall in the world! Its developers McCollins Media say that the aim of launching The Longest Facebook Wall in the World […]

How to use Facebook chat in Windows Live Hotmail

A week or so back, Microsoft officially integrated the option of chatting with Facebook buddies right in to your Hotmail account. To use this service you need to authorize and connect your Facebook account with your Live mail account.

Top 5 Social Media Services Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone already has many social media integration features in it by default but there are some must have apps available at marketplace to download and use for free. Here are my personal favorite Social Media services apps which are […]

Search Facebook instantly with FBInstant

We already know that Google has launched its new search feature named Google Instant where you type keywords on your search and you get the results displayed while you type. This is called Instant – Get search results as you […]

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Facebook to Stop Chat Support for Internet Explorer 6

With just a few days left to the Internet Explorer 9 goes Beta, it was just a matter of time before some of biggies decided to make some announcement. Earlier, Google discontinued  support for Internet Explorer 6 and now as  […]

How to chat with your Facebook friends from Windows Live Messenger

As you must be knowing, Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta has been updated yesterday providing lots of improvements. One of the improvements is Facebook chat in Windows Live Messenger. This is significant, connecting Messenger’s ~300 million customers to Facebook’s ~500 […]

Facebook Allows Users To UnSubscribe From Comments and Likes

Many people get annoyed due to lot of Facebook notifications which they get when commenting or liking the post on their Facebook stream. Due to these notifications, many people don’t comment or like other status updates or wall post.  Facebook […]