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How to Disable Windows Explorer with Ribbon on Windows 8

One of the new features on Windows 8 is it’s Windows Explorer ribbon. But not all users will like that feature. I was searching for this option and finally figured out to disable the ribbon n Windows 8 explorer. In […]

Copy text from open windows with GetWindowText

Many a time we need to copy error messages, error codes or other text from images, dialog boxes or open windows, which are otherwise “un-copy-able“. While one can always write down the text manually, this can be a pain if […]

Windows 8 Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 explorer will have several new shortcuts. And since this was one of the requests from advanced power users, Microsoft has introduced some new shortcuts in the Windows 8 explorer. While all the existing keyboard shortcuts will continue to […]

Resize option

Define custom window sizes with Sizer for Windows 7

Windows does not have the ability to let you resize different application windows to specific sizes. However, with the availability of Sizer this question can be addressed. Sizer is a freeware utility that allows you to resize any open window on your […]

Explorer.exe server execution failed on Windows 7 / 8 / 10

You might at times, get this error message on Windows 7/8/10: Explorer.exe server execution failed. This might happen because the Shell folder values might be incorrect or they might be missing. In this article I’ll suggest you few methods to […]