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Disable Show window contents while dragging In Windows 8.1

A few months ago, we posted about enhancing Windows 8 performance by tweaking visual effects. One of the features you could disable is Show window contents while dragging. You might have observed that when you drag and drop contents in Windows […]


Enable or Disable drag and drop in Windows 10/8/7

Many people ask. How do I disable drag and drop? The reason they want to disable drag and drop in Windows 10/8/7 is that, either they or somebody else, inadvertently dragged and dropped the files from one folder to another. If […]

Windows 8.1 File Explorer Features

If you have installed Windows 8.1. the first thing you will notice when you open Windows Explorer or rather File Explorer, is that when you click on the Explorer icon in the taskbar, the following window opens. Windows 8.1 file […]

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How to reduce Thick Borders of Explorer in Windows 7

I like the feel and look of Windows 7 design. But it does have some minor annoyances too. Here, I am referring to Windows borders. Some feel that the windows Borders in Windows 7 are much thick. Windows 7 looks […]

3 File Explorer Apps for Windows 8

Now when it is over a month using Windows 8, I am very much satisfied with the UI and the features here. After talking about many good and useful Windows 8 apps, today I will write about very useful File […]

How To Remove Computer From Windows Explorer Navigation Pane

Recently we’ve posted the trick on how to remove Network from Windows explorer navigation pane. Today, in this article, I am going to share you same trick for Computer option. The only difference between these two parts of explorer navigation pane […]

Change Desktop Windows Metrics and Border Width in Windows 8/10

Windows 8/10 offers no settings panel which can help you customize or change Desktop Windows Metrics. In Windows 7 you could access it through Advanced Appearance Settings in the Window Color and Appearance panel. Using this panel, in Windows 7 […]

Clover combines the goodness of Windows Explorer and Google Chrome

Want some multi-functionality in your Windows File Explorer? Clover is a free software that binds together Windows Explorer and Google Chrome. The concept behind this software is that is provides Google Chrome’s multi-functionalities to Windows explorer. For example, it installs Google Chrome like tabs […]

Essential File Management Tips For Windows 10/8/7

Windows 7 has a beautiful way to organize things. While the tradition of having default folders for documents, music, video and pictures continues in Windows 7, it also allows you to create Libraries so that you can organize your files […]

Download Rights Protected Folder Explorer from Microsoft

Microsoft has made available a tool for Windows users, called Rights Protected Folder Explorer and it is available as a free download. What is a Rights Protected Folder A Rights Protected Folder is similar to a file folder in that […]