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Email Notifier for

If you are one of the millions of regular users, Howard Email Notifier is just the perfect desktop utility for you. You do not need to peek into your Inbox again and again to check for any new mail, […]

How to delete or close email account permanently

Microsoft’s latest web mail service, comes with all the goods such as huge amount of storage space, better editing features, immersive interface and of course support for social networking sites. All these features and many more make the webmail […]

Find Missed or Forgotten Email Photo Attachments with Lost Photos

We usually receive photos of family, friends and relatives via email as attachments. These attachments at times may escape unnoticed, unread due to the long list of contacts that we have in our email account. Once missed, recovering such photos manually […]

How to create a new email alias

Microsoft has just launched – a completely re-imagined personal mail service. If you have already upgraded your existing Hotmail account to it – or registered at for a new account, you may be happy to know that you can […]

Conversation View Feature In Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used email clients for the Windows operating system. It is kind of a ‘set up and forget’ type of client that allows you to send and receive emails and SMS easily. It has […]

Send quick mail with InstaMailer for Windows

Need to send short mails quickly? Maybe you don’t want to wait for your Mail Client to open on maybe you just don’t feel like clicking a couple of times to use the web interface. In such cases our new […]

How To Add Speak Button MS Outlook 2010

Make Microsoft Outlook Read Out Emails To You

You might be knowing about the “text to speech” feature in Microsoft Office. Did you ever try to make Microsoft Outlook read out emails for you? Not only MS Outlook, but you can make other applications in MS Office read […]

Auto Delete Outlook

How To Auto Delete Mail In Outlook Selectively

Why would you want to auto delete mail in Outlook? You know that Microsoft Outlook has a good spam filter that can read email messages as soon as they arrive and categorize them into normal and junk/spam mail. Accordingly, it […]

Attachments Suck! Use SkyDrive instead, says Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a new website ‘Attachments Suck’ to bring about the awareness, that it makes a lot more sense to use SkyDrive, instead of attaching files to your mail, the traditional way. Many of us may have faced situations […]

Sort Microsoft Outlook Emails with yourMail

If you are troubled constantly by receiving hundreds of e-mails every day, sorting and organizing them in a neat order becomes a patience-testing task. It is therefore essential to have multi-featured application at hand that organizes emails as needed. yourMail, […]

How to Enable Preview Pane in Gmail

Google has added a new feature in their Labs which allows a user to enable a preview pane in Gmail. Rather than the conventional way of clicking an email, going back to the email list and clicking another email, you […]