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Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 7 mobile devices

Microsoft today launched its latest iteration of mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7. Microsoft today also revealed nine new Windows Phone 7 handsets that will be available this holiday season from leading mobile operators in Europe, North America and Asia […]

LG Optimus 7 Powered by Windows Phone 7 confirmed

Well,  LG Optimus as of now we all know is one of the cheapest Android phones out there in the smartphone market  and quite a popular one as well. There were rumors about a similar kind of phone releasing this […]

Windows 7 Device Stage Visual Editor Tool from Microsoft

Windows 7 Device Stage makes it very easy for users to work with printers, cameras, phones, music players, and other devices connected to the machine. Device Stage works as a central hub for all your hardware and gives the associated status, tasks, and […]

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HTC to bring Sense UI to Windows Phone 7

When Microsoft revealed that the Windows Phone 7 had a distinct UI (“Metro UI”) as they call it, they also said that they will have the control over the user interface which will make the other custom User Interfaces like […]

Windows Phone 7 Prices In India

Microsoft is aware of the fact that , in a developing economies & emerging markets like India, mobile devices with higher prices may not generate the volumes as expected! Microsoft has therefore tied with most active cell phone distribution company […]

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Device Stage feature in Windows 7

Windows 7 introduces a new way to interact with your phone, camera, printer, or portable media player from the Windows desktop called as Device Stage. It works like a home page for select compatible devices and printers. Device Stage in […]