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How to add Reset Chromium browser settings

We already know how we can Reset Internet Explorer settings. Firefox users have had a reset Firefox feature available in their browser for over a year now. The Chromium browser was missing this feature. Chromium is the open source web […]

SlimBoat web browser for Windows: Fast, secure & feature-rich

These days, mainstream web browsers have become more and more tuned towards a minimalist design style in terms of user interface by getting rid of the traditional menu bar, merging address bar and search box, and reducing the number of […]

Torch Web Browser – A Browser for Heavy Torrent Downloaders

There are many web browsers tailored to meet most of your needs but only few are capable of managing torrent download tasks well, without requiring to download any additional software. That’s why we have a new entry here in the browser […]

QupZilla: Open Source Multi-platform Web Browser

We have in the past covered some good alternative web browsers for your Windows, which we think may be good enough to meet your individual browsing requirements. Today, we review in short, another browser – QupZilla. Qupzilla is a lightweight, open-source […]

Disable JavaScript In Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

A few days back, we saw the difference between Java and JavaScript and how to disable Java. In this tutorial, we will see how to disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers on Windows. Effects of disabling JavaScript […]

Download Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows

Maxthon, renamed to Maxthon Cloud Browser has been recently released. The new browser now integrates Cloud features, which allow you to share data and files across supported devices like Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android. Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows incorporates a […]

Kylo: Mozilla based web browser for TVs running Windows

Kylo is a free web browser specially developed for TVs running Windows OS or a Windows PC connected to a TV screen. Kylo comes with many interesting features that can enhance the usage of your Windows TV. Kylo also gives you an amazing […]

Website URL Scanners & Link Checker addons for your browser

Most security suites or antivirus software include a link scanner which will scan the URLs of the websites you visit and warn if the link you are about to visit is dangerous. You should always take some precautions before you click […]

World Browser Usage Map – Watch the evolving landscape!

Browsers, browser usage and browser supremacy has always been a hotly discussed topic which has interested Windows users. Now StatCounter has released a new 2 minute video that take you from 2008 to 2012 and illustrates the changing map of […]