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How to use Cortana on Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2 works on different devices apart from Windows 10 Mobile like, iOS, and Android, but Windows users enjoy certain features that are currently exclusive to them. Cortana integration with Microsoft Band 2 enhances the functionality of the wearable […]

How to connect Cortana to your Microsoft Health Account

Microsoft remains committed to offering new Microsoft Band experiences to its customers. The wearable, recently, got an update that allows Cortana to connect to Microsoft health account. The connectivity makes it easier for Microsoft Band users to evoke reaction in […]

Turn on GPS Power Saver in Microsoft Band 2

Fitness lovers will find another excuse to exercise longer and meet their overall health goals with GPS Power Saver in Microsoft Band 2. It’s no hidden secret that GPS facility is the quickest way to drain battery life of Microsoft […]

All you need to know about Microsoft Band guided workouts

Regular running or jogging has immense health benefits. It helps you strengthen your muscles, improve stamina build immunity and strong bones. Hence, for some it’s not just an activity or exercise but a way of life. Interestingly, you can track […]

How to pair Microsoft Band 2 with Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Band 2 is a new tool that helps you easily handle your contacts but before that it should be paired correctly with your Windows 10 mobile device so you can see who is making a call in a quick […]

Ultraviolet Index (UVI) on Microsoft Band 2 – FAQ

UV or Ultra Violet Radiations are known to cause numerous problems. Although they can be used to kill germs and treat some skin conditions their risks outweigh the benefits. For instance, they cause skin aging, sunburns and at worst, Skin […]

Features of Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft has unveiled the upgraded version of its wearable/smartwatch – Microsoft Band 2. Some of the improvements or changes made to the wearable does not only qualify it for exchange over existing band owners but also a compelling new purchase. […]