Tack App for Windows lets you have unlimited cloud storage

Although, there are so many cloud storages like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. most of them have a problem. Users cannot get unlimited storage. After the given space, you will have to purchase more storage to keep using that service. On the other hand, you may experience slowness while trying to synchronize files across multiple devices.

People, who are encountering with these issues and more others, can simply head over to Tack App and StoAmigo. StoAmigo is the online cloud storage and the corresponding app is named Tack App. You can use StoAmigo just like any other cloud storage like Google Drive or One Drive. On the other hand, you can install the Tack App that will let you connect your hard drive to StoAmigo cloud storage.

StoAmigo can work from any Windows PC. All you need is just valid internet connection. The main reason to use this cloud storage is this is faster in terms of synchronization and it can provide almost unlimited storage.

Most of the cloud storages come with limited storage. But, this time, you can increase the storage using physical hard drive of your PC. It means, you can increase the storage limit if you have more hard drive. Basically, the Tack app collects the storage from PC or mobile and synchronize that entire hard drive with StoAmigo, which can be utilized as a cloud storage.

Price of StoAmigo

StoAmigo is a free cloud storage provider. All the essential features are available for free. But, it has two more features called CloudLocker and ThumbLocker. They are paid. But, you do not need to purchase them as long as you need an extra layer of security.

StoAmigo has two different storages – Online Storage and Tack App (Storage). StoAmigo offers only 1 GB cloud storage, where you can store any number of files. This is possible to host any file of any size but, up to 1 GB. On the other hand, the Tack App helps to synchronize your hard drive with StoAmigo. In this way, you can use your hard drive as cloud storage. That means, if you have 1TB hard disk, you can get that 1TB storage on StoAmigo along with the free 1GB storage that comes with StoAmigo account.

Before using this cloud storage and the app, you should know that the app is available for Windows PC, OS X and Android. Unfortunately, Tack App is not available for Windows Phone.

Start Using StoAmigo and Tack App for Windows

To get started with StoAmigo and Tack App, at first, download the Tack App for your Windows PC and create a free account using the app. This app is compatible with almost all Windows versions including Windows 10.

Now, you need to choose a folder from Windows PC so that Tack App can use that as storage path. You can either select a drive or create a separate folder for this purpose. To choose the folder, just click on Change button after signing in to Tack App for Windows and select the folder/drive.

Tack App for Windows

After that, head over to StoAmigo log in page and enter your log in credential to start using. You will get that folder on your screen with proper path. Now, whenever, you will put any file or folder in that selected drive/folder, it will be visible in StoAmigo account. It takes not more than 10 seconds to synchronize 100 files.

Tack App for Windows

StoAmigo is a great solution for them, who want a faster synchronization process. But, it has a drawback as well. To get all the Tack App for Windows files on StoAmigo account, you need to keep your machine turned on. Otherwise, you cannot find the device on StoAmigo.

If you like, you can check out more details about Tack App and access StoAmigo cloud storage from here.

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  1. Susiri I

    Hi Sudip. appreciate your valuable information regarding another valuable product. but above app is not giving unlimited cloud storage. it gives media sharing facility though internet only and storage depends on the size of shared media. And the second thing is shared media should be online if we need to get details from that media. so basically this is what with sharing files over internet. finally thanks for your valued information and keep continue your task and also thanks to “thewindowsclub” crew.
    (Please correct me if wrong)

  2. Sudip

    Hi Susiri, at first I would like to thank you that you love
    Regarding to the cloud storage – yes, you are right. As
    mentioned in the article, it will provide 1GB cloud storage at no cost. And,
    you can use your computer hard drive to share files through the web app.

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