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System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2010

The Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering blog has  announced the system requirements for Microsoft Office 2010.

CPU and RAM requirements for Office 2010 are the same as for Office 2007, so if your computer meets the Office 2007 system requirements, you can run Office 2010. A graphics chipset will help boost the performance of certain features and disk footprint has increased, but as general rules:

– If your current computer can run Office 2007, it can run Office 2010.
– If you’re purchasing a new laptop or netbook, it can run Office 2010.
– If you have a computer with a multi-core processor, it can run Office 2010 even faster.
– If your computer is currently running Office 2003, it’s possible that it can run Office 2010

To determine which operating systems would be supported for Office 2010, Microsoft prioritized based on usage statistics for a given OS, as well as the engineering costs associated with ensuring compatibility and providing customer support for that OS.

The following charts summarize OS compatibility for Office 2010.

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