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How to sync World Cup 2015 schedule to Windows Phone calendar

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is a festival for cricket lovers and we are just short of few days for this exciting cricket contest which is going to be held in Australia. The first match of World Cup is on February 14th with the final match being on 29th March of 2015. How about adding the entire World Cup 2015 match schedule to your Windows Phone calendar? Well, there is an app for that, which makes it very simple.

World Cup 2015 Calendar Sync app for Windows Phone

If you are a Windows Phone user, you would have loved the beautiful start screen with “Live tiles”. You can now enable your Windows Phone to display all the upcoming match schedules in your default calendar by adding the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 timetable to your phone with the help of this app World Cup 2015 Calendar Sync.

Steps to follow:

1. Download the application, from the Windows Phone store by visiting the link or you can use the QR code which we have posted at the end of the post.

2. Follow the instructions as provided in the app by clicking ‘next’.

3. The application prompts you to log in with the Microsoft account so that it can update your account’s calendar with the match schedules. Grant the application to access the calendar by clicking on “Yes”. Once you are done, you would be able to see the “Sync”  icon during which all match schedules are added to the calendar.

4. Please note it is important to sync your Microsoft account by heading over to “email+accounts” under settings and by syncing the corresponding Microsoft account which you have linked to your phone. Once your account is synced you can view all the 49 match details like teams, timings and venue on your default Windows Phone calendar mapped to corresponding dates. In our case, it took about 2 minutes to finish the syncing process, and then we were able to see the match entries on calendar app.

Additional Tips

World Cup 2015 Calendar Sync application is available on Windows Phone store for INR 55, with a free trial option. You can download the application by using the below QR code or by visiting this store link.

We hope you were able to add the match schedules to your Windows Phone.