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Sync Windows 8 PC settings using Microsoft Account

As already highlighted in the post First Impressions, of Windows 8, there are 4 ways to log in to a Windows 8 computer.

  1. Using a default password of your Windows Live account
  2. Using a PIN number
  3. Using a Picture password
  4. Using a Finger Print Scanner if you have one

One can choose any one of the above options as his/her login method, but it might be a good idea to use your Windows Live account, since it automatically synchronizes all your settings across computers over the cloud. This includes your Internet history, application settings, shortcuts, password for services, etc.

Sync Windows 8 PC settings using Microsoft Account

If you have a local account but would like to convert it into Microsoft Account for configuring Windows 8 PC Sync settings this piece of writing will help you out to some extent.

Please note that you can avail of a large number of benefits if you choose to use online Microsoft Account. Plus, you will have the option to sync your PC settings with other PCs and tablets.

If you wish, you can disable Sync Settings in Windows 8 for Multiple Users and Turn Off and Remove OneDrive Sync Data in Windows 8.1.

Which option do you prefer and why!?