How to sync Google services with Windows 8 or Windows RT

I am sure, you must have heard the announcement Google made sometime earlier regarding the changes it intended to introduce to the Google Sync service used to connect devices to Google services. Google had then made it clear to consumer users of free Google Apps that it would no longer support new Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) connections from Windows PCs and tablets to sync email, calendar and contacts from Gmail. This was effective from 30th January, 2013. Consumers who haven’t paid attention to this announcement are likely to suffer, because Google changing the way it supports EAS.

That said,  as a workaround Microsoft has made certain recommendations that are likely to benefit you and still use the service, uninterrupted. You can sync Google services with Windows 8 or Windows RT. Here’s how.

This article is not for consumers who are already have their Google account connected to their PC running Windows 8 and Windows RT via the Mail, People or Calendar apps.

Sync Google services with Windows 8 or Windows RT

To use your Google contacts with the Mail, People, Calendar, and Messaging apps, you will first be required to add them from Microsoft website. Here’s how you can add an account to your Microsoft account.

Go to the Microsoft account overview webpage and sign in.

Microsoft Sign in

Click Permissions, and then choose Add accounts.

Microsoft Sign inAdd Accounts

Next, from the list select the desired account you would like to add, and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to sign in to the account you’re adding, and choose which types of info you would want to share between your accounts.

Microsoft Sign inAdd Googlee

Next to see your email from Gmail in the Mail app, add your Google account to the Mail app. To do this, choose Mail on the start Screen and move the mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen to select  ‘Settings’.

Then, choose ‘Accounts’, the type of account you would like to add, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Add an Account

Be sure to leave ‘Include your Google contacts and calendars’ option unchecked.

Add your Google account

That’s it!

Source: Windows Blogs.

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