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How to sync Google Calendar with Windows 10 Mail App

In our earlier post about Windows 10 Mail App, we mentioned the app supports the ability to sync Google Calendar – something that was not to be seen in the same app for Windows 8.1. However, we did not cover the method of using Google Calendar in the Windows 10 Calendar App. In this post, we have made an attempt to do so. The process of getting your Google Calendar synced with Windows 10 Mail App is simple and takes few steps.

Sync Google Calendar with Windows 10 Mail App

Click the Start Menu and look for the Calendar app in the top-right corner.

Once up, you will be required to add a Google account. For this, look for the settings icon, visible in the lower left-hand corner of the app. Access the settings and chose “Accounts”.

Thereafter, select the option to “Add account”.

At this stage you will be offered several choices. Select Google Account. Once done, you will be greeted by standard Google login portal.

If your Google account is set to a regular log in, it will immediately link you up and you will be automatically directed to the main Calendar screen.

Note: If you have the two step verification activated then, you will have to enter the delivered to you via a text or a call from the company.

The final step involves seeking permission from a user to allow access to other Google services (view and manage your mail, view your email address) if you want to use the account from your Windows 10 desktop.

Wait for the screen to load. Once verified and approved you will be ready to get your Windows 10 Calendar modified as per your liking.

In the upcoming post, we shall learn the method of configuring the and modifying sync settings of Google Calendar with Windows 10 Mail App.