Sync your Android and iOS devices with Windows PC using Moboplay

Managing your phone and its data using a computer, sharing files, backing up folders, anti-virus scanning, keeping archives of SMSs, etc. can be useful. But unless you have a dedicated software provided by the company (e.g. Sony has software for managing its Android devices), it might be time-consuming to open the folder each, and copy-paste files manually. Moreover, a user with less of expertise with technology would be unable to make archives of data like SMSs, WhatsApp records, etc.

Moboplay for Windows PC

Whether you have been provided with dedicated software for connecting your phone to your PC, Moboplay, with its added functionality is a must install for your PC. As a 20MB file, it does way more than what we could expect of.

Moboplay for Android and iOS helps with the general transfer of media and files to and from the PC and mobile device, helps clean up junk folders, takes screenshots from the mobile device, manages contacts, helps create archives of SMSs and much more.

Sync Android & iOS devices with Windows PC

Moboplay has quite an ‘easy to use’ interface. The features and steps to use them are as follows:

Connect the Android device to the PC. If you have a USB cable, it could be connected first or else the app has an option to connect using WiFi.

To connect using the Wifi, launch Moboplay and select the option ‘Wifi connection‘. It will show a QR code which could be scanned to recognize the mobile device.
Moboplay for Windows PC

One the device is connected, we will have to enable USB developer settings to access all functionalities of the phone from the Windows PC. This procedure is not needed for simple media and file sharing, but for other advanced options. To do this, go to settings on your Android mobile phone and click on the build number 4-8 times so that it enable the developer menu.

Build Number
Click and open the Developer options which will appear after the previous step.

Developer options

Enable USB debugging by clicking on the option as shown in the screenshot below.

USB Debugging

After this is done, the Moboplay app on the PC will show a ‘Connecting‘ status and will need a few seconds to sync all files and data on the mobile device.

Once this process is completed, under the ‘Device’ section you will be able to access the files, contacts, etc.


The ‘Installed apps‘ tab shows the list of all third party applications installed on your mobile device. They can be uninstalled or updated at the click of a button and you don’t have to open the Play Store to handle each app individually.

Installed apps

The ‘System apps‘ tab displays the list of system apps.

System apps

The Updates tab shows the list of all apps pending update. If there are Pending updates, you can update them with the click of a mouse.


The next 5 tabs show options to handle the media files in the mobile device. They could be played, set as ringtones, and so on.

Media Files

The Contacts tab shows the list of contacts with an option to send them an SMS or edit the details all in one row. You can create and download the archive of all your contacts here.


The Messages tab shows the list of SMSs. You can download an archive of the SMSs too here.


MoboPlay is useful in the sense that it brings all functionalities in order and lets you sync and manage your data and apps easily from one window. If you are an Android or an iPhone user, you definitely want to take a look at it.The free software can be downloaded here. If you need more information, the functions of this All-In-One Smartphone Management Tool have been described in our forums.

MoboGenie is another Android Manager for Windows PC that may interest some of you.

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