Symantec’s Cybersecurity Report highlights Risks & Security Predictions for 2013

As new technologies and strategies continue to evolve the territory of IT has expanded beyond horizon. The incidents of cyber crimes too has gone up as a result! Cyber security has therefore become a topic of discussion which should be discussed in length rather than being overlooked. Many security software corporations realize this and hence are promoting awareness through their blogs and websites for careless web users.

Symantec, the American global computer security software corporation believes in the coming year (2013) mobiles and cloud platforms will be subjected to much malicious and dangerous cyber attacks. The company has produced a report where it highlights some of the potential risks.

Risks highlighted by Symantec in its report

Cyber conflicts

Symantec believes cyber conflict has become a norm. If appropriate measures are not taken in time to stop the growing rage among competing organizations, states or nations cyber tactics will be used as potent weapon for damaging and destroying the secure information or funds of its targets. This type of targeting is currently seen when hacktivist groups are aggravated by an individual or company.


For seeking commercial benefits, cyber criminals have come up with a unique enterprise – Ransomware. By attempting to fool not-so-wise buyers, the enterprise forces a user to buying a product such as a fake antivirus. Symantec predicts such extortion methods will only become harsher and more destructive.


Another prediction by the security software corporation refers to mobile adware, pronounced more appropriately as MADWARE. The threat will prove a boon for cybercriminals as it will help them gain valuable information from their victim, expose their location and do much destruction by infecting victim’s device while downloading an app.  In the last nine months, the number of apps that include aggressive forms of madware has increased steadily by 210% and it will continue to grow.

Mobile & Cloud

As eWallet technology will become more widely used, it will become yet another area for hackers to exploit. Same applies to cloud service. More the use of it for sharing content, greater will be the chances of attack by cyber punks and terrorists.

Monetization of social networks

Some fake social networks have started searching for new ways to monetize their platforms by allowing members to buy and send real gifts. So, as real money becomes more and more utilized on social media networks, cyber terrorists will start focusing more in making profits by stealing payment credentials linked to such services.

To read the report in detail, visit this page.

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