Switch off Monitor from the Windows taskbar with Dark


  1. That’s a very useful utility. helps in saving power.
    I just found a bug in the utility. you can run as many as instances you want. each double click on the icon starts a new instance of the application.

    check the screenshot.

  2. Hi Nitin

    Thanks for the comments. This is the default option which I didn’t change while developing. Thanks for pointing it out. I will update the app soon 🙂


  3. Any update yet? I’d also like to request the option to use a single click on the taskbar icon. Thanks!

  4. I’ve played with this some more – see my comments below:

    Could you possible look at these changes…?

    1. Menu choice to turn off the monitor with a single click.
    2. Option at the end of the installation to ‘Start Dark’ – as there’s no ‘Program Group’ created, the user has to hunt for the executable to start the program.
    3. BUG found – On restarting my PC, Dark starts automatically and the entry is in Startup (all correct), although when I right click on the tray icon it says ‘Start with Windows’, rather than ‘Do not start with Windows’. It seems to ‘forget’ that auto-start has been selected already.


  5. Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for the comments. I was bit tied up and couldn’t release the II version. Will do it. Soon.

    Will post a comment here as well.


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