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Surfy: Free Innovative Web Browser for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone web browser war hasn’t started yet, but a winner seems to be already in sight! With the new browser releases and the latest updates, the competition is getting tougher, and the player like to take the trophy could well be Surfy. To me, Surfy is the best web browser available for Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1. It is available in both free and paid versions. The free version comes with comparatively less features, as compared to the paid version, but still the free features are enough to compete with Internet Explorer, Maxthon, UC Browser and others.

Free mobile browser for Windows Phone

Talking about the interface, Surfy supports and displays tabs. The tabs are displayed at the top, like any of our desktop web browsers. Moreover Surfy gives you more display area by removing elements such as the address bar. You can enter the website’s address by clicking the tab in which you want to open it from the tab bar or by simply clicking the new tab icon located at the bottom of the display area.

The browsing experience is simply awesome – the pages load faster and navigation is smooth. You can even switch to the full screen mode and enjoy a larger display of the web page. If you are reading an article on a website, you can switch to the reading mode, that is completely designed to read text from different websites.

The most unique feature of Surfy is Listen to page. This feature makes your phone read out the complete website to you. For example, when I listen to TheWindowsClub website, Surfy reads out the article headings and their description too. The listening mode is the most liked feature of Surfy. Other than these modes, there is a Private mode available too, that is similar to In-private in IE or Incognito mode in Chrome. In this mode, the browser will not store any history of the visited websites.

Surfy also features a Night Dimmer. When enabled, night dimmer lowers the brightness so that you can comfortably view websites at night or in very low light. Other than these features, Surfy is equipped with all the general features of a good web browser. It lets you pin a page to Start, share the page, add it to favorites and so on.

Unlike other mobile browsers that display favorites and bookmarks in the very front page, Surfy follows an entire different concept. To see your settings and preferences, you need to click on the Hub icon from the bottom menu bar. The Hub is like a personalized page, that lets you manage your favorites, bookmarks, preferences, downloads and emore. In the Hub you can browse and search Surfy’s history.

After the History section comes the Download section. Under this section, you can view the downloaded files or you can export them to the SD card of your device. Another amazing feature of Surfy, is that it provides a hassle free transfer of downloads from your phone to your Windows PC. What you need to do is simply click on the Transfer icon and then open the displayed address in your computer’s web browser. Finally entered the displayed password. It lets you wirelessly transfer downloads from your phone to any other device connected on the same network.

Surfy is customizable to a large extent. You can completely personalize your browser by changing themes and backgrounds or changing the website display preferences and etc.

Surfy is a worthy download, as it is the best mobile web browser for Windows Phone, with the best features and with an innovative design.

Surfy download

Click here to download Surfy from the Windows Phone Store.