Use Surfly to browse, share and work together

Surfly is an online screen sharing web app. With it you can browse any website and share its screenshot easily with your friends right from your browser. No need to install any plugins, or a desktop application.

Surfly Session

How does Surfly work

Once you sign up for the service, enter any URL for sharing within the service. After you’ve done that, you’ll get a prompt with a link that you can use to invite your friends to the browser session. Pass it along to your friends. When they click it, they will be added to the sharing session.

Personal use

There are many different ways you can use Surfly in your day-to-day life. What makes Surfly so inviting is that it has no learning curve. All your friends have to do is sign up for the service and enter the URL. You can use Surfly to troubleshoot your friends and families tech problems. We all know how frustrating it is to walk your distant relative through the eBay buying process over the phone. Yes, there are more robust screen sharing alternatives but all of them need some effort to set up. The average user neither has the time nor the energy to do that. You can also use the tool to show off your new website to friends or ask them for live feedback.

It can also come in handy when you are making travel plans or booking tickets. Students can use it to research and study online together.

Sufly Share link

Business use

Surfly can be useful for businesses too. You can share your screen with multiple computers at the same time with little set up. This can come in really handy for those who use online presentation tools like Several businesses now use online collaboration tools like Github and Google Drive. If you just want to show a part of your work to your client without giving them access to all of your data, Surfly can be of great use.

Is Surfly safe

If you had any doubt about security, don’t worry, Surfly is fully secure. It doesn’t have access to your computer, your browser or the other tabs on your browser. It just works in one single tab, and once it’s closed, it’s closed.

Of course, Surfly’s strongest suite, the screen sharing in browser can also be considered as a limitation by some. But most of us now live on the web and share from the web, and for those people, Surfly is immensely useful.

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