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  1. Pohjadenis

    How can i access the boot menu to be able to boot from a usb drive in order to deploy win8 via MDT

  2. Wesley

    One would believe for the cost of the MS Surface Pro at close to $1000 Canadian, it would have both the keyboard cover, and full MS Office Pro. The Tablet in Canada is no price comparison when I viewed the price to other leading tablets with iOS and Android types, however it has very good hardware built in compared to the Android tablets. Again, the price point is no comparison. I think I would stick to an Android model for the speed and price.

  3. Kawi Nin

    Can the Surface Pro 4 handle text replacement like on my iPad? For example if I type “hagd” it will show up as “have a good day” I use this feature for many reports that I do that have the same phrasing.

  4. Imma

    Can the surface pros be used in hazardous areas, like say Oil & Gas plants, if needed out at the field? Has it been tested for that? I have heard that there are casing that have been tested according to the ANSIISAIEC standards for surface pros. Does this mean that surface pros be used at hazardous locations only when they have those protective casing on them? Please advise.

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