Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Laptop 2: Which is better?

Not long ago the folks at Microsoft announced both the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Book 2, also known as the Surface Laptop 2. Fans have been waiting a long time for these devices, and now that they are here, it’s time to put them against each other to see which one comes out on top.

OK, so here’s the thing with the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Book 2. You see, both products are similar in many ways but much different in others. The Surface Pro 6 is all about portability and for doing basic tasks, while the Surface Laptop is all about more power and better usability for real work.

Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Laptop 2


When we look at the Surface Pro 6, it reminds us a lot of a regular tablet without the keyboard. In fact, the basic model doesn’t come with the keyboard in the box, so right away you can tell that this is a tablet first and a laptop second.

The device also comes with a kickstand, and you know what? Compared to all the other tablets running Windows 10, the Surface Pro 6 appears to have the best kickstand of all. Such shouldn’t come as a surprise because Microsoft has been working on this for years.

Now, if you want Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C, you won’t get that here. Instead, you’ll get a USB-A 3.0 port and a mini-DisplayPort.

Like the first Surface Laptop before, this new version can act as a tablet when the keyboard is removed. However, when the keyboard is attached, it becomes a powerful laptop that works like any other regular laptop.

You see, within the keyboard lies a powerful mobile GPU, something not found in the Surface Pro 6’s keyboard. Furthermore, we should point out that the keyboard for the Surface Laptop 2 is full-sized. Therefore, it’s more comfortable and easy to use.

As it stands, then, when you’re choosing between these devices, you’re basically deciding on what type of computer you want for the long term where the design is concerned.


Make no mistake, when it comes down to these expensive Surface computers, the performance matters a lot. Because of this, then, it should come as no surprise that these products are powered by 8th generation Intel core processors.

As for the display, the Surface Pro 6 is rocking a 12.3-inch 2,736 x 1,824 resolution IPS screen, while the Surface Laptop 2 goes up to 3,000 x 2,000 with its 13.5-inch display. It’s pretty impressive, and quite expensive as well.

What we have here are the best of what Microsoft has to offer right now, and it makes us hopeful for the future.

Colors And Price

For many, the color of their personal computer is very important, and so is the price. Thankfully, both the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 comes with four color variants, and they are Platinum, Black, Cobalt Blue, and Burgundy. If we were to choose, we’d go with the Cobalt Blue, but you can choose whichever color that fits your personality.

As for the price, well, the Surface Pro 6 begins at $899 and tops out at a whopping $2,300. That’s quite expensive for a tablet computer, but if you’re seriously considering it, then we believe the cost isn’t a factor.

Now, the Surface Book 2 is a different beast because it’s a traditional laptop with a twist. The price begins at $999 and tops out at a massive $2,700. Surely, it is possible to get more powerful desktop computers for that price, but they did not have the immense portability and the top-class design and built that Microsoft delivers.

Usage on your lap

The Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Book 2 are very similar in terms of specifications, but as stated in the design section above, that’s where the difference shows its head. You see, the Surface Pro 6 is a tablet that pretends to be a laptop at times, but it isn’t.

Ever since the first version, critics and users alike have complained of the difficulties using the device in their laps. Over the years Microsoft has made several changes to fix the problem, and while we can definitely see improvements, it’s clearly not designed for proper usage in a lap.

When it comes down to the Surface Book 2, it’s more of a laptop than anything else. It should feel comfortable on your lap just like any other device in its class. Therefore, if this is a big deal to you, then chances are, you should look to the Surface Book 2 because its design is more centered around the lap comfort.

Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Laptop 2

Which is better?

It all boils down to what you prefer right now. If you’re interested in portability over everything else, then the Surface Pro 6 is your best bet. However, if you’re the type of person who is seeking power and a device that acts more as a laptop, then the Surface Laptop is perfect for your life.

Yes, there are cheaper products out there, but chances are, none have the impressive build qualities of the Surface devices, and none integrate with Windows 10 just as well. As it stands, then, these devices are worth the extra money.

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