Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air Comparison

When MacBook Air was launched, it was the fancy of many. It still continues to impress many. Later, Surface Pro 3 came along into the market and we’ve found it to be better compared to Macbook Air. Check out the following comparison to know more.

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Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air

Surface Pro 3 is a big improvement over its predecessors. While Macbook Air looks like an ultrathin notebook, Surface Pro 3 is a convertible. It means that you can use Surface Pro 3 as both a laptop and a tablet. When you are using it without keyboard, you are using Surface Pro 3 as a tablet that gives you more mobility without compromising on the computing power. The tablet format is perfect when you are travelling and not doing type intensive work. When you dock a keyboard, it turns into a laptop – adding to the computing prowess and allowing you to work on complex software like graphics and video processing. Thus, while you always get to carry the Macbook Air as a laptop, the Surface Pro 3 can be carried as a tablet with the keyboard detached and kept separately.

When it comes to portability, the Macbook Air weighs 2.96lbs while Surface Pro 3 weighs just 2.4lbs. The Macbook Air is 0.68″ thin while Surface Pro 3 is thinner at 0.55″.

Macbook Air comes with two types of processors: Intel Core i5 and i7. Surface Pro 3 gives you one more option: Intel Core i3. Thus, you can choose from Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 in case of Surface Pro 3.

While both models offer multitasking, with Surface Pro 3, you can snap up to three windows side by side for easier multitasking. In this case, you can use drag and drop instead of copy paste. Macbook Air can multitask, but won’t provide snapping feature. You can, however, manually resize window sizes and keep them side by side but that does not ensure a smooth experience of drag and drop features of applications.

Coming to storage, Macbook Air offers 128GB storage and 8 GB RAM. Compared to this, Surface Pro 3 offers RAM as 4GB or 8GB and storage of up to 512GB.

Since Surface Pro 3 acts both as a tablet and laptop, it has touchscreen while the Macbook Air has no support for touchscreen.

Again, you can use a Pen with Surface Pro 3 while there is no support for any pen in Macbook as the latter does not support touch input. With the pen, you can write in your own handwriting, create notes with images, and get digital signatures etc.

The Macbook Air has a front facing camera of 720p while the Surface Pro 3 has both front and back cameras. They are 5MP camera offering a resolution of up to 1080p.

Have a look at the comparison images released by Microsoft.

This is just a basic comparison of Surface Pro 3 vs Macbook Air.

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