The New Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 ideal for Enterprise

Last week, Microsoft introduced us to the wonderful new range of Microsoft Surface in the form of Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. While the latter has caught the eye of creative professionals like artists, filmmakers and designers, due to its agility to serve as a laptop, whenever required, Surface 2 has been niched as the perfect tablet for business enterprises.

Surface 2: The Perfect Business Tablet

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The previous version of Surface was being productively utilized by varied professionals like doctors, entrepreneurs and lawyers, proving its purpose right and with a much more innovative and advanced generation, Surface 2 (the ARM version) is bound to attract the corporate class. Surface 2 is being termed as the LOB Tablet as it highly meets the most essential hardware requirements like battery life and weight. Prior to this, an LOB app was being customized or SAP was being used. Moreover, Surface 2 also brings with it Windows RT 8.1, which comprises of the entire package – Mobile device Management, Outlook, Workplace join and 3rd party VPN clients.

Surface Pro 2: The perfect Laptop Replacement


Surface Pro 2 is a result of user feedback on developing a laptop replacement; with an extra battery life of up to 75%, a much enhanced typing and lap experience, a dual angle kickstand, a docking station and car charger – all of this combined transforms Surface into a workstation and a rocking one at that!

Let’s now look at where and how the new Surface is being explored across industries, which also include ISVs, resellers and 3rd party hardware partners of Microsoft.

11,000 Surface 2 Tablets get on-board with Delta Airlines

The pilots of Delta Airlines will be armed with Surface 2 with Windows RT 8.1, supporting them for safe and efficient flights. As per Delta, these tablets would help them replace the 38-pound briefcase carrying flight paper documents, which would result in saving associate costs and fuel worth $13 million every year. See video below to watch the Delta Team testing Surface on-board and sharing their experience of how Surface is the perfect Enterprise solution for them.

Banking & Financial Sector:

Combine Surface and Windows 8.1 and you’ve got yourself the perfect security solution, meeting all kinds of safety and compliance requirements! A renowned Japanese financial services organization, Hokkoku Bank has procured around 2000 Surface Pro Tablets, to be used across Hokkoku’s 112 branches and 11 of its loan centers. Senior MD, Junichi Maeda said, “The fact that it is a hybrid device that can be used as both a PC and tablet is a big plus”. He also said that Surface Pro 2 suits their requirement of using a single device, is very manageable and with its flawless screen, it is very presentable mode to showcase products to customers. Another boutique bank with 3000 employees across 8 branches, City National Bank have picked Surface Pro, specifically for their new branches, bringing in the high-touch customer experience to their services.


Surface RT has been an ideal choice for schools for the past few months, due to Microsoft Office, but now Surface 2 is being considered because of free Skype WiFi, free Skype calls to landlines in 60 countries and 200 GB of free SkyDrive for 2 years. In fact, around 10,000 Surface RT devices were purchased by The London School of Business & Finance for their year II students, who were working on business productivity software.

Sales Professionals:

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are just ideal for on-the-move professionals. The people simply adore the kickstand, the USB 3.0 port and the super-durable magnesium body. The worldwide pharma giant, Novartis is rolling out Surface Pros for its sales team, along with a logistics company, Expeditors International.

The list goes on to healthcare, automotive, retail, hospitality and many more industries where productivity is given the highest priority…

Surface Partner Ecosystem Expansion: More Apps & Accessories

The Surface series has been concentrating on maximum productivity and therefore, Microsoft has tied up with various ISVs who are developing Windows Store Apps. Only last month, on July 1st, Microsoft announced its ISV program, AppsForSurface, which provides all the required funding and devices inviting ISVs to expand the app horizon on Surface. SAP and Omega Group have joined this program.

And, towards the end, let’s have a look at the third-part accessories for Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2, with Microsoft joining hands with 10 new manufacturers, taking the Surface user-experience for commercial and enterprise users, to a whole another level.


ArmorActive: Fixed and mobile POS accessories

suface-pro-2-tablet-laptopMaroo: Leather Cases and Stands


Anthro: Charging Carts

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