Comparison Chart: Microsoft Surface 2 vs Surface Pro 2

Microsoft unveiled the next generation Surface tablets yesterday – the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2. Equipped with impressively powerful hardware, these tablets are expected to perform better than their predecessors. The Surface Pro 2 follows the original Surface Pro and Surface 2 is the revamped Surface RT tablet. Lets have a look at Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 comparison.

Microsoft Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 comparison

Surface Pro 2 is a full fledged workstation into a tablet housing. It is powered by the latest 4th generation Intel Core processor (Haswell) and a 4GB or 8GB RAM option. This combination can easily handle heavy tasks and powerful operations, also allowing enhanced battery life, thanks to the Haswell processor. The storage options vary from 64GB to 512GB. It has the same 10.6-inch ClearType HD display with stock resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The quoted battery life of Surface Pro 2 is 7 – 8 hours which may vary depending on the type of use. All the processes will be handled by Windows 8.1 Pro – the desktop operating system. This powerful tablet starts at $900 for the basic model and ranges up to $1800 for the high-end mode. With this Surface Pro 2 can be regarded as a competitor to Apple MacBook Air.

Surface 2 is a big jump over the Surface RT with revamped internals. Surface 2 uses NVidia Tegra 4 processor having quad-core architecture and a 2GB RAM alongside. Unlike Surface RT, it is available in two storage options 32GB and 64GB. The 1080p display of Surface Pro 2 makes its entry into Surface RT as well. Camera gets an upgrade with 3.5MP front camera and 5MP rear camera.

Powered by Windows RT 8.1, Surface 2 is expected to provide 10 hours of battery backup. It starts at $450 price tag which is approximately $100 more then Surface RT. Along with this Surface 2 users will be benefited with Office 2013 RT applications, free international and Wi-Fi calling on Skype, and 2 years of 200GB SkyDrive storage.

Lets see how the Surface family performs this year.

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