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Customize Surface Pen with Surface Hub App

Last weekend, Microsoft released an app that looks to bring customization to the Surface Pro 3 pen. In preparation of this app, the company rolled out a firmware update first. This made the device ready for a forthcoming app and allow users calibrate and customize the stylus. The app is now live in the Windows Store by the name Surface Hub. Previously, there were issues reported about of having to apply too much pressure for strokes to be registered on screen.

Surface Hub app

Surface Hub app is built on a recent Surface Pro 3 update intends to improve the pen sensitivity. The app however, appears extremely basic in function. It enable a user to

  1. Adjust the sensitivity curve of the pen
  2. Change the behavior of the launch button at the top of the pen.

The Surface Hub app does the following things:

Adjusts Pressure Sensitivity – With the app, a Surface Pro 3 user can adjust the pen pressure sensitivity via slider bar and then testing the configuration inside the app.

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Pen Top Button configuration – Offers a simple option to switch between OneNote (desktop) and OneNote mobile app when you tap the Surface Pro 3’s pen top button.

Feedback: Alongside the description of the app on the Windows Store Page, Microsoft mentions it would welcome suggestions from the users of the app in form of Feedback to help make it better. Currently, the feedback has been tailored by Microsoft, providing an initial question concerning your personal recommendation. Once you finish and close the app, another is fired up in its place.

Surface Device Information: A useful and important link in the lower right corner of the Surface Hub App page is a support link ( and information about your Surface Pro 3 that is required should you feel the need to contact Surface support. Configure your Surface device and get the most out it!

It is essential to mention here that Surface Hub App has been designed specifically for Surface Pro 3 and requires x64 processors. It does not work with earlier versions of Surface Pro tablets.

Go get it here.

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