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Download Surface 2 User Guides from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a set of user guides for Surface users. If you have just bought a Surface tablet and are new to Surface, you definitely want to download these Guides.

Surface 2 User Guides

Guides for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 as well as for Surface 2 & Surface RT. These Surface user guides will give you all the information you need about Surface and its features, and offer you tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your Surface 2.

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The guide starts with the basics and goes on to talk about using apps, using programs, how to search or share, signing-in, installations, personalizing your experience, connecting devices, storages, backups, networking, accessories available and more.

The Surface Pro 2 guide will tell you how you can use your tablet just like a PC.

Surface Pro is the tablet that can truly replace your laptop. Connect to a broad variety of accessories, printers, and networks, just like you always have.  Run touch-friendly apps and your favorite Windows programs, with the security and manageability you expect from a Microsoft product.

The guides are in the PDF format but are printable as manuals too and are available for download from

You might want to also check out the Surface Getting Started Guides.