Meet Microsoft’s brand new tablet – Surface 2: Specs, Images, Video

Microsoft unveiled an improved Surface 2 tablet today, which is definitely a refined version of the Surface RT. The Surface 2 is comparatively lighter, sleeker and faster, with a display of 1080p, the 2-stage kickstand and Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor and will hit the stores on October 22nd.

Surface 2 Specs

Surface 2 Specs

Better positioning: The new built-in Kickstand comes with two positions, which will enable you to choose and adjust the angle, best suitable to your requirements.   Longer battery life: Surface 2 comes with a battery back-up of 10 long hours, which means you can cover your entire workday or even a long flight, without the need to charge.


Cover-it-up: the new surface covers protect your surface screen, help you type faster and enhance your productivity. The Touch Cover 2, priced at $129.99 (colored) & $119.99, serves as a keyboard & protective cover in-one but its lighter, smoother and enhances typing speed up to twice than before and what’s more, the backlit keys are an amazing add-on.


High on speed & entertainment: with the high-speed NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, the new Surface 2 is always on-the-go, be it work or play. Moreover, it gives the perfect platform for 1080p video with its Widescreen HD display. You can also share the video on a bigger screen with the HD Video Out port. The full size USB 3.0 can move files and charge accessories at lightning speed.


It’s not just a Tablet: The new Surface 2 has so much more to offer like the Outlook 2013 RT helps you easily manage your emails, to-do lists and calendar; you get an additional SkyDrive Storage capacity of 200 GB absolutely free for 2 years, so you can save and share files online and the most remarkable of all, you get 1 year’s free subscription of Skype for international voice calling.

Accessorize: Along with the new Surface 2 & Surface Pro tablets, Windows has also touched base with many innovative accessories.

Wireless Adapter for typing covers: these covers come with the built-in wireless technology and are priced at $59.99. Simply connect these to the surface tablet and type away from anywhere in your room.


The Surface Music Kit gives you full freedom to create your own music by mixing and matching tunes. Go Surface 2!


Portable devices: Microsoft has also come up with Surface Edition Arc Touch Mouse, priced at $69.99, which is ideal for on-the-go users. With the BlueTrack Technology, the device is very comfortable and easy to use. Another portable device is the surface car charger with a USB port, to enable easy charging while driving.

Surface 2 will be shipped along with Windows RT 8.1, bringing enhancements in areas such as search, multi-tasking, personalization, cloud connectivity, built-in apps and a better Windows store experience.

Surface 2 pricing

Microsoft is retaining the original Surface RT at $349.00 and the new Surface 2 is priced at $449.00.

Meet the new Surface 2, watch video here. Go here to check out the Surface Pro 2 specifications.

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